VCS Estate Service experience was top notch

I hope when people read this, they know that liquidating a home is a process. Jerril takes you through the process each step at a time.
My situation was like others. My mom had moved into a independent living facility and once we got the necessary furniture and personal mementos set up for her. We still had a full house. Jerril fixed that problem. He conducted his initial inspection we talked about the first steps. He gave me multiple options and sound advice. We made the decision to go with Jerril. He came in with his crew filled a dumpster, made sure we got any personal papers and photographs. He communicated everyday he was on the property. Detailed the next steps. We had cars so bill of sale and titles. He handles it all. If Jerril tells you something you can take it to the bank. I would strongly recommend his company to my friends and others.
Thank You Jerril and VCS