VCS is outstanding…..

VCS is outstanding. In summary, our sale proceeds exceeded their estimate and even more importantly, they were sensitive and accommodating to our unique situation. Unfortunately, prior to engaging VCS, our mother’s finished basement was evacuated due to a minor flood, which resulted in the entire contents being randomly boxed up and moved to a garage, making it nearly impossible to conduct an estate sale.

Unlike other estate sale companies with rigid processes and lack of responsiveness; VCS was responsive, flexible, sensitive and creative by offering a “clean-up service” to help restoring access and visibility of home contents, allowing family to efficiently removal personal items (photos, confidential records, keepsakes, etc.). Without this service, our only option would have been to have everything hauled off without an estate sale, costing the family cash, lost memories, and fear of private and confidential information falling into the wrong hands. Not only did VCS’s service solve and preempt these potential problems, we ended up cash positive.

The VCS team is truly amazing. Their skills in being able to process and sort contents, merchandise for a sale, price it right and draw an audience is beyond my highest expectations. Go by one of their sales and see for yourself! Furthermore, they are the nicest and trustworthy people you will ever meet – very important when moving you mom out of your childhood home because mom can’t live there anymore.